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  • Verlina Extra-Virgin Throumba Olive Oil PGI - 750ml

    Verlina Extra-Virgin Throumba Olive Oil PGI - 750ml

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    Product description

    Thassos Island Throumba Extra-Virgin Olive Oil PGI is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Only the best Throumba olives are selected from each harvest from November to January and are cold-pressed on the day of harvest. Throumba olives produce an excellent extra-virgin olive oil with a delicate taste, a ripe olive aroma and very low acidity.

    The Great Taste 2016 has awarded our Verlina another star this year. Here are some of the judges' comments; ".... A bright gold/green shade and a gentle olive fruit aroma..... A good fruity nose, rounded and creamy in the mouth, developing well with some green leafy freshness, then a little growing warmth on the swallow....".

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