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  • Salt-cured Thassos Throumba Olives PDO - 250g

    Salt-cured Thassos Throumba Olives PDO - 250g

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    Product description 

    Only the best Throumba olives are selected from each harvest from November to January. Throumba olives are black and wrinkly with a raisin-like texture and a unique ripe olive taste. Our olives are vacuum-packed in bags to retain maximum freshness.

    Our summer production olives have been left in salt for up to 3 months, which means the salt will have extracted more of the olive's juice, resulting in a saltier olive with a firmer texture. A wonderful olive to add to your favourite salad. 

    Once opened, the olives should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

    We are proud to announce that our Thassos Throumba has been awarded a star by the Great Taste 2016. Here are some of the judges' comments: "....These olives are intensely fruity with a good olive flavour..... We like the 'raisiny' texture.... A small, interesting looking olive. As you bite, there is a lovely bittersweet 'brininess' from the flesh....".